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I’m Diane Evans

a documentary photographer whose photos make people cry…in the very best of ways


 Creating visual stories of families and pets in northern California and beyond, my work is known for the emotional response my photographs elicit, and the details that I capture along the way.


real is better

even if that means crazy eyes and dirty toys


People’s stories have always fascinated me.

The little details that often get overlooked because life gets in the way?

tiny hands drawing pictures

little paws curling up with a stretch

a kiss on Mom’s cheek (or nose)

I notice and cherish those things. And I capture them so you can treasure them forever.

My photo stories are something that you feel, not just see.


What does my family look like? My family of three includes my husband, Neal,

our slightly neurotic but adorable dog, Maggie, and me. 

Our story started in Colorado, then moved to New York City, then to France, and now to northern California.


 here is a bit of my story…


  • I am both sarcastic and sappy. So much so that every slideshow I create for a client makes me cry (every time I watch it).

  • My hair apparently is quite unique, although I see it every day, so I’m used to it. Over my lifetime it has warranted comments like “your hair is so unusual, can I touch it”, “your hair looks like noodles”, “I can help you with that hair if you want me to”. We made peace years ago through the discovery of the right hair products.

  • I am slightly obsessed with crime shows - dramas, documentaries, podcasts. I can’t stop. When we bought our house, I really wanted to find a skeleton in the crawl space. Ask my husband, it’s true.

  • I worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. It taught me how to connect with people in a real way, and how to find humor in life to get through the rough parts.

  • Giving back is very important to me. So at least once a year I do a pro bono photo project for a nonprofit organization that reflects my beliefs. You can see that work in the personal projects section of my gallery.


 What does your family look like? What is your story?

Let me help you tell it.