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Diane M Evans headshot

I’m Diane Evans

a documentary photographer whose photos make people cry…in the very best of ways


 Creating visual stories of pets and their families in northern California and beyond,

my work is known for the emotional response it elicits, and the details that I capture along the way.


Everyone has their own story

Our lives are full of little details that we want to remember forever.

the favorite toy that has seen better days (refer to duck below)

slobbery and sweet kisses

little paws curling up with a stretch

I made it my mission to capture them for you so that you’ll never forget.


What does my family look like?

My family of three includes my husband, Neal, our slightly neurotic but adorable dog, Maggie (she’s the one with the crazy eyes and yellow duck), and me. 

Our story started in Colorado, then moved to New York City, then to France, and now to northern California.

I’m still a Francophile at heart, so if you ever want to practice speaking French or just chat about the country, please please please call me! (but don’t expect to understand a single thing I say en français)


 What is your family’s story?

Let me help you tell it.