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let’s tell your story where it happens


That could mean lounging in the living room,

a trip to the park,

playing chase in the backyard,

or all of the above. 


 When you work with me, you are inviting me to be part of your life for a bit.

But don’t worry, I’ll answer all of your questions first.  


Here’s what working with me looks like…


before your session

We’ll talk about what you want from your photo session, chat about how you would most enjoy the images that we create together, and get to know each other. I like to learn about you, your pets, your family, what time of day or activity would work best for you, and answer all of your questions. We will talk about location and figure out somewhere that you feel connected to. We also talk through some ideas about how we want to display our images after the session.

Once you’re ready to schedule with me, I’ll send you a link so you can complete the booking form, sign the session agreement, and pay your reservation retainer. And once all that is complete you are officially booked!


during your session

Your photography session will last 2-5 hours, depending on which option you decided upon. Since the purpose of documentary photography is to capture real life, I encourage you to dress like you normally do, which probably isn’t matching outfits (unless you and your dog have matching outfits, then please wear those). Muted colors are generally best, as anything too bright or patterned tends to distract from the star of the show (I think we all know who that is).

Let the kids be themselves, and don’t get stressed when your dog jumps or slobbers on me (or your kids for that matter). We want everybody to be comfortable and have a good time.


after your session

2-3 weeks after your session we will meet at your home (depending on where you live - flying to Paris might be challenging but I could be convinced) to review the images that were created. And yes there will be tissues available. We will discuss what kind of artwork would look fabulous in your home, and what best suits your family.

I will guide you through options that include custom designed albums, framed archival prints, image boxes, and framed canvas gallery wraps. Your order will be placed and creation of your custom artwork will begin!



Shoot&Sell (1).png

The Sessions

Let’s talk about sessions… You have two choices: the signature 2-hour Story Session, or a 1/2 day Adventure Session. For the Story Session we will decide on the best place such as your home or nearby park, and I will spend about 2 hours documenting your furry sweetie’s most endearing moments and interactions. For those of you adventurous types, there is the Adventure Session. This is a little longer and might involve hiking, swimming in the river, going camping…whatever adventure means to you. If the adventure takes us more than 30 miles from Sacramento, I’m thrilled to go but there will be a travel fee involved.

Each session results in creation of custom artwork that tells the unique story of you and your furry family.

As far as session fees, the Story and Adventure Sessions have a non-refundable reservation retainer to hold a space for your session. And then (like magic) 100% of that reservation retainer transforms into a product credit during your ordering session!




  • Custom location

  • Custom date & time

  • 2-hour session

  • 30-40 final images to choose from

  • $299 product credit



  • Adventure location

  • Custom date & time

  • 4-5 hour session

  • 40-60 final images to choose from

  • $499 product credit


I also offer End of Life Sessions to capture those last loving moments. It’s a way to celebrate your final days together, and to say goodbye.

If that is something you are considering please contact me and we can discuss the details. If I need to be available on short notice, I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen.


 The products

Pet photography artwork, single framed

Wall Art

This is a fantastic way to preserve memories AND create a statement piece in your home. Each product is specially designed and comes ready to hang. Wall art is the signature piece from a Diane M Evans Photography session, and it’s what most clients choose to invest in. I offer a variety of styles and finishes, starting at $399.

Pet photography artwork, wall gallery

Wall Galleries

Talk about a statement! A gallery of your favorite images is a fabulous way to display your signature wall art in a creative and elegant way. Choose from a variety of pre-designed options or feel free to create your own for your unique space if the spirit moves you. Price varies.

Custom photography album

Albums & Portfolio Print Boxes

This is how many clients decide to display the majority of their images from the session. You can choose a gorgeous custom designed album, or a unique linen covered image box with 10 mounted archival prints inside. Either way the result is a special keepsake that we created together, that showcases your story. I offer a variety of styles and finishes, starting at $499.


The Extras

What else could I possibly offer? Archival prints, custom slideshows, and high-resolution digital files, of course! I am always keeping updated on the latest unique products on the market, so stay tuned for additional offerings that will amaze you.


Create Your Own Collection

Here is the opportunity to create a collection of fine art products that consists of EXACTLY what works best for your family and your home. The pricing is as simple as 1…2…3…

Step 1:

Choose at least one piece of Wall Art. This can be any style 16x20 or larger.

Step 2:

Choose at least two additional products. Yep ANY products!

Step 3:

Time for the savings to kick in. Take 20% off of your TOTAL investment!


They give us love and laughter.

Let’s create artwork that tells their story and will last a lifetime.