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Pricing Guide


the sessions


The goal of the session is to tell your pet’s story, capturing his or her unique personality and connections with other family members (or friends for that matter). First we will decide where that story is best told - home, a park, favorite ice cream shop…the options are limitless (throughout the Sacramento area - beyond is still possible but will require a bit more conversation and travel reimbursement).

Next I will create custom contemporary artwork that will look fabulous in your home and make you smile whenever you look at it.

As far as session fees, the Story and Adventure Sessions have a non-refundable reservation retainer to hold a space for your session. And then (like magic) 100% of that reservation retainer transforms into a product credit during your ordering appointment!



  • Adventure location

  • Custom date & time

  • 4-5 hour session

  • 40-60 final images to choose from

  • $499 product credit



  • Custom location

  • Custom date & time

  • 2-hour session

  • 30-40 final images to choose from

  • $299 product credit



the artwork


Create Your Own Collection

Here is the opportunity to create a collection of fine art products that consist of EXACTLY what works best for your family and your home. The pricing is as simple as 1…2…3…

Step 1:

Choose at least one piece of Wall Art. This can be any style 16x20 or larger

Step 2:

Choose at least two additional products. Yep ANY products!

Step 3:

Time for the savings to kick in. Take 20% off of your TOTAL investment!


Framed Canvas

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 7.36.43 PM.png

The classic canvas is elevated to elegance with a modern floating frame. The rich texture brings images to life (but without the barking or drooling).

up to 11x14 ——————— $499

up to 16x24 ——————— $699

up to 20x30 ——————— $899

up to 30x38 ——————- $1299


Framed Prints

Shoot&Sell (7).png

 The perfect addition to any home, this is your chance to display a piece of artwork that will make you smile every time you see it. Fine art archival prints in custom frames that you select to match your style. Not sure that you have a style? I can help. With frame samples and fancy templates, together we can pick the perfect statement pieces.

up to 11x14 —————-—- $399

up to 16x24 ———-——-— $599

up to 20x30 ———-——-— $799

up to 24x30 ——-—-——— $999


 Wall Galleries

Shoot&Sell (2).png

The perfect way to create a statement wall in your home. Also the perfect option if you just can’t decide on one! You are welcome to choose from the provided templates (hanging instructions provided, for those of you like me who are picture hanging challenged) or create your own.

Embrace (2-11x14, 1-16x20) ———————————— $1099

Nest Landscape (4-11x14) ————————————— $1399

Magnolia (2-11x14, 2-16x20) ———————————— $1599

Crestwood Stairs (2-10x20, 2-8x10, 1-16x20) —— $1699


 Custom Albums


Custom designed thick archival pages make this a gorgeous way to display your story, and to relive it over and over. One of my favorite pieces, the album comes in a variety of fabric or animal friendly leather options to choose from.

5x5 album with 10 images —————— $499

8x8 album with all images —————— $1099

10x10 album with all images ————— $1799


Portfolio Print Boxes


This hand crafted walnut box with acrylic cover, holds 10 archival mounted photographic prints that can be rotated into a frame, or just periodically perused. Another fabulous way to display your pet’s story for years and years to come.

8x10 Walnut Box with 10 mounted prints———————— $799


 Desk Prints


Classic 8x10 and smaller archival prints for frames you might have around the house. Or perfect for propping up on a small easel, as they all come mounted (of course!).

5 desk prints ———————— $499 ($65 for each additional)


High-resolution digital files


These files allow you to print at any size for your own personal use, or use as your screen saver - you decide. All clients will receive a complementary social media file of any image ordered in product form, but those files aren’t really for printing.

5 digital files ————————-- $499

10 digital files ————————- $799

20 digital files ———————-- $1499

all digital files ———————-- $1999


We will review all of this in more detail when we review your images together, but if you have any questions in the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me.