Dashing Dogs and Their Adoring Humans


Last weekend was the official launch of the new and improved Diane M Evans Photography. The venue? SPCA Doggy Dash. According to the Sacramento SPCA, it is “the largest dog 5k/2k walk and festival event in Northern CA".

Let’s just say, I can’t imagine a better way to launch a pet & family photography business! There were dogs in costumes, people who dressed up to match their dogs, giant Great Danes, and tiny but sassy little Chihuahua’s. Some dogs walked. Some bounced. And some were pushed in strollers.

A little about myself…I really love dogs. And cats - but this was a dog festival, so let’s focus. I have a dog of my own, Princess Maggie Mae. She goes by Maggie, Dammit-get-over-here-right-now, Peanut-sweetie-princess-pie, I-said-no-and-I-mean-it, Precious-angel-love, and What-the-hell-are-you-eating, among others. But I don’t limit my affection to just one dog. When I go for walks out and about, if I see a dog, then I want (need, really) to meet and pet him or her. Sometimes the humans accompanying the dogs think this is sweet and encourage my affection. Other times there is a scowl as if I’m on some sort of pet-offenders list. I personally don’t think these people should be allowed to have their dogs out in public. It’s rude to keep them isolated from the attention they deserve. Moving on.

Princess Maggie Mae

Princess Maggie Mae

Now that you have a little more context for me, you can imagine just how much I enjoyed myself on Saturday. I had a booth for my pet photography business, and people and dogs would stroll in to see what the heck was going on. They came to me! No scowling, only affection. My booth contained some samples of my work, and a gift basket give-away for a chance to win a free photography session among other treasures. 


I tend to be introverted in the way that I don’t necessarily seek out people or social interaction without great angst and trepidation. But once there is a situation that brings people to me, then I can talk til the sun don’t shine. A steady stream of willing conversation participants came to my tent all day long. And not only did the people come, but they brought their companions. To give you a taste of what I saw, here’s a little slideshow of some of the photos from the day (click on the dog’s face to take you there).

(Editor’s note: those are my sweet husband’s hands on the dog’s face. He graciously helped set up my booth, and found time to squeeze in his own dog lovin’)

Thanks to all who stopped by, and for the kind words about my work. I love doing it, so it’s always nice to hear that people are moved by it. When I think about what I am creating, it’s more that just a pretty photograph of a dog (or cat, or bunny...no exclusions intended). It’s capturing a memory, an emotion, a moment. The favorite bed or toy, or expression. Even if that toy is dirty, falling apart, and one ear was chewed off. That is part of the story that we want to remember about our sweet little angel (or maniac, I’m not judging). And that’s the story I want to tell. In my mind that is what I am doing, but it’s always nice to get confirmation from complete strangers, who have no vested interest in positive feedback. 


I look forward to meeting many of you again, perhaps at your house for a photo session. Maybe at the next SPCA event. Whatever the circumstance, I will likely want to pet your dog. Please don’t deny me (unless they bite - then a little warning is appreciated).

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